Mariusz Kucharczak is the chef of our restaurants from November 2017 – a cook, enthusiast and man with a big heart for gastronomy. He comes from Wielichów, graduated from a vocational school with a chef profile in Grodzisk Wielkopolski. He has been working in the profession for over 18 years. As he says: "During work I use traditional and modern cooking techniques, thanks to which I present Polish cuisine in a modern setting. I serve dishes not only on plates but I also use wood, stones, hay or shells. I try to show the regional and traditions of a given place on a plate.”

In his professional career, he expanded his knowledge through internships in restaurants such as:

Our Chef's greatest achievements so far are:

Mariusz Kucharczak uses products from local suppliers in his kitchen and values the traditions of the place and region as well as he tries to draw inspiration for new dishes from them.

We hope that the dishes prepared by Mariusz Kucharczyk will make you come to us for lunch, dinner or a sophisticated dinner as often as you go to your grandmother’s for the childhood delicacies!