Prince Stable

Prince Stable

Horses have always been important in the history of the Castle. For their convenience, the riding hall was built, for their comfort, the stable was heated with warm air, due to respect for them, the cemetery was marked out on the area of the park, where gravestones were placed to commemorate them. At the beginning of the 20th century, the sports stable of Kliczków Castle was triumphing at the racetracks all over the world and Juno, a mare, was the champion of races in Paris, Berlin and New York. 

Today, the Prince Stable situated on the area of the Prince Manor combines riding recreation with training work. The Stable conducts classes in the riding hall and in the field, organises horse races and runs a riding school. ‘Brawura’ Riding Club Association, organising sports competitions and conducting trainings preparing to participation in competitions in show jumping, breaking and sports horse rallies, operates at the Stable. For history lovers, the Historical Section of ‘Brawura’ Riding Club Association prepares trainings with tournament props (spears, sabres, etc.). The advantages of the Stable include mainly fantastic, perfectly-prepared horses, engaged staff and location, in the heart of Bory Dolnośląskie, in the direct vicinity of beautiful Kliczków Castle.

Riding School

The Prince Stable is a good place to start the adventure with horses. The Riding School is run in friendly atmosphere by experienced instructors from the Stable. Depending on the individual skills of the learners, classes are held in the riding room and in the field. 

Horses used in the Riding School of the Prince Stable

  • AMINI – a ten-year-old bay mare - calm, even-tempered and easy to direct
  • ROZKOSZNA - a nine-year-old Silesian-type mare - her name perfectly reflects her character (it means ‘Adorable’); in spite of being quite big, it is an ideal horse for children
  • SARA – a nine-year-old chestnut mare - the favourite horse of children, having friendly temper
  • ALIBABA – a calm, even-tempered horse which works in recreation, little sports, and tourist rallies, trained in the classical way as well as at historical shows
  • FALA – a six-year-old gentle mare for persons having at least medium riding skills since as a young horse she sometimes likes to buck
  • MATEA – trained in the classical way; she works in recreation; it is a horse with great temper for a good rider; she works at historical shows and participates in tourist rallies
  • RAWA - an even-tempered mare; she works in harness, in field riding and in tourist rallies
  • KUBA - a fourteen-year-old horse working in harness
  • DOBRAWA - trained in the classical way; she wears bitless bridle and works in recreation and tourist rallies; she is a feisty horse which is not suitable for a beginning rider
  • TRUSKAWKA - trained in the classical way; a professor horse, calm, working in recreation and at historical shows, participating in tourist rallies
  • AFEKT - trained in the classical way; he wears bitless bridle and works in recreation and at historical shows as well as participates in tourist rallies

Instructors and employees of the Prince Stable:

  • Jan Jasinek Bodzianny: 57 years of age - the President of ‘Brawura’ Riding Club Association operating at the Prince Stable. He comes from a family having abundant tradition of horse riding, he has been riding horses since his childhood. He is the leader of PTTK Mountain Horse Riding Tourism who perfectly knows the horse routes in Bory Dolnośląskie - he was actively engaged in demarcation of horse routes. He participates in historical shows and reconstructions referring to the tradition of the Polish First Republic. You may also meet him as a guide showing tourists round in Kliczków Castle, dressed like a nobleman
  • Rafał: 28 years of age - Passion and commitment plus riding skills. He conducts field rides, rallies in the neighbourhood and riding school classes. He is the leader of PTTK Mountain Horse Riding Tourism. He perfectly knows the horse routes in Bory Dolnośląskie
  • Angelika: She has been connected with our Stable since she was 12 years old. She perfectly knows the neighbourhood and our horses. In spite of her young age (she is 24 years old), she has great experience in riding teaching and she particularly likes working with children and the youth. She is the Vice-President of ‘Brawura’ Riding Club Association
  • Ania: 20 years of age - She has been connected with our Stable since 2014. She is a horsewoman and a lover of riding horses. She conducts classes in riding on a lunge, field rides, walks and ‘showing round’ on ponies. She is competent, open and helpful. She was acquiring her experience in numerous stables: she was a volunteer at Cavaliada in Warsaw and CSIO in Sopot
  • Tomek: 24 years of age - He is our coachman and stableman who has been connected with the Prince Stable since his childhood. Living nearby, he has been spending all of his free time at the horses. He drives a chaise and a horse-drawn cart and he sometimes is a guide during field rides and longer excursions. He participates in the shows of the Historical Section, playing Prosław, a character from the legend about Kliczków Castle
  • Ala: An instructor and a referee of the Polish Equestrian Federation. She has been cooperating with our Stable for years. She participates in the shows and competitions organised by ‘Brawura’ Riding Club Association

Horse rides in the field

Bory Dolnośląskie is the largest forest concentration in Poland. It is possible to see here a lot of roads and routes, mysterious and wild places, admirably beautiful and surprising, such as large heaths, forest ponds or even a desert. Having such a diversified and large area at disposal, it is difficult to resist the chance to go on a horse excursion or rally along forest ducts. For the ones who are less experienced in horse riding, we offer romantic chaise rides or sight-seeing horse-drawn cart rides with a guide who talks about the history, curiosities and anecdotes of the area of Kliczków Castle. 

Horse riding events

The Prince Stable together with ‘Brawura’ Riding Club Association is the organiser of cyclical friendly competitions in show jumping, at which it is possible to win Bory Dolnośląskie and Kliczków Castle Prize. These competitions are getting more and more popular both among learners and experienced riders. The horse breaking competition is probably the most spectacular discipline connected with horses. It is held in the beautiful scenery of the Castle park. On 18 July 2020, Baron Henryk Geringer de Oedenberg Memorial – Friendly Competition in Horse Breaking is going to the held. The spectacular International Competition in Sports Horse Rallies in the rank of the Championship of Poland has been held on the area of Kliczków Castle since 2019. Historical May Picnic – the largest outdoor event organised by Kliczków Castle cannot be without horse shows, tournaments and attractions prepared by the Historical Section of ‘Brawura’ Riding Club Association. Country Picnic – Welcome Summer is another event organised by the Castle, in which horses and riders as well as Wild West music in the background are the most important. Kliczków cannot miss Hubertus, the holiday of riders, which is organised every autumn. This event traditionally ends with exciting fox hunt, which is organised with observance of historical ceremonials.