International Competitions in Horse Endurance Rallies 2022

International Competitions in Horse Endurance Rallies | 12-14.08.2022 | Kliczków Castle

On August 12-14, 2022, in the area of Kliczków Castle and Silesian Forrests, will take place International Competitions in Horse Endurance Rallies with the co-organization of the Polish Equestrian Federation, regional and social competitions. It will be the most important rally event in 2022 and one of the most important in the European dimension. The competition takes place on the grounds of the State Forests in the board of the Bolesławiec Forest District in the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Wrocław. 


Sport Horse Riding – description of the discipline:

The main goal of this discipline is to test the endurance of horses on long distances ranging from 40 to 160 km. Distance is divided into smaller sections (loops), between which the horse undergoes detailed veterinary examinations (heart rate, dehydration, vascular filling, intestinal passage, movement). Only a positive passage through the so-called veterinary gate allows further participation in competitions (this precaution eliminates the risk of excessive strain on the horse’s health). Competitors are entitled to a short break (approx. 30 minutes) between the individual sections. The examinations and short breaks are not included in the total time of the ride. Only the period that the horse and rider spend in motion is significant, of course it is regulated by detailed rules (a horse with too high heart rate will not be admitted to the veterinary examination and thus will not finish the race). Endurance is based primarily on a strategy of proper training and preparation of a horse for a very difficult route, which counts both for a perfect ability to ride a horse and the ability to properly plan the pace over the entire distance. An important element of this discipline is also cooperation, not only between the horse and the rider, but also between the rider and the group of people who help him (usually three people – the so-called grooms), who drink, feed, clean and saddle the horse. Servicing is an essential part of a race to help you finish it quickly and easily. Long distances (2×80 and 2×100) are divided into two days which allows a horse and its rider to rest and regenerate during the night. The shorter sections take place within one day, the start is usually planned for the early morning around 6:00 am, the end of the distance (depending on the length of the route) takes place late afternoon. In shorter races, younger and less experienced horses participate, and only after gaining appropriate qualifications they are allowed to start on longer distances. The horse that completes the route in the shortest amount of time and passes the last veterinary examination is the winner. Competitors are also required to present the horse at the inspection before the start to make sure that the animal has withstood the transport well, is in full health and capable of a huge endurance effort.


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